Data Privacy Policy

德克迈特德氏封密封(上海)有限公司(“ 德氏封 ”)欢迎您访问本门户网站。保护 您的个人资料对我们非常重要。本网站是一种电信媒体服务。中华人民共和国法律 法规要求我们以易于理解的形式向用户说明记录和使用用户个人资料的类型、范围 和目的,以及对上述资料的处理。本数据隐私政策提供了该等说明。
Dichtomatik (China) Co., Ltd. (“ Dichtomatik ”) is pleased that you are visiting this portal. The protection of your personal data is very important to us. The website is a telecommunications media service. The laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China require us to inform you in an easily understandable form about the types of personal data we record and use, scope and purpose, and the processing of said data. This Data Privacy Policy provides that description.

在foodandbeverage-fst.com.cn网站(“ 网站 ”)上进行数据处理的目的,是向由 科德宝密封技术集团在中国上海的子公司,德氏封的门户网站运营商提供关于德氏 封及其产品和服务的信息。上述网站的网络运营者为德氏封,您的访问将受到数据 隐私政策的约束。
Data processing on foodandbeverage-fst.com.cn (the “ Site ”) is carried out for the purpose of providing the portal operators of Dichtomatik, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies’ subsidiary in Shanghai, China, the information about Dichtomatik and its products and services. The network operator is Dichtomatik who operates our website, and your visit will be bound by this Data Privacy Policy.

本数据隐私政策对数据的收集、保护和处理、及您对数据所享有的权利作出解释。 我们极力推荐您在使用本网站及/或提供您的个人数据前首先了解本政策。在阅读 本政策后,您可以选择不使用本网站,或不提供您的个人数据。 如果您继续使用 本网站及/或提供您的个人数据,将被视为您已通读、理解并同意此处的内容。重 要信息将以下划线标出,需要您重点关注、理解和同意。
This Data Privacy Policy explains the collection, protection and processing of data, and your rights in relation to such data. We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with this policy before using this website and/or providing your personal data. After reading this policy, you may choose not to use this website or provide your personal data. If you continue to use this website and/or provide your personal data, you will be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to the content herein. Important information will be underlined and will require your focus, understanding and consent.

1. 数据收集
Data Collection

我们通过与您的交互互动及您使用本网站的过程收集您的信息。部分数据由您直接 提供,部分数据由我们根据您与本网站的交互互动、使用和体验收集。我们所收集 的信息基于您的交互环境和选择,包括您的隐私设置和您所使用的功能。
We collect information about you through your interactions with you and your use of the Site. Some data is provided directly by you and some data is collected by us based on your interactions, use and experience with the Site. The information we collect is based on your interaction with the environment and choices you make, including your privacy settings and the features you use.

例如,在注册在线工具或使用网站联络功能的过程中,我们获取用户名称、电子邮 件地址、电话号码、所在公司及职位等信息。在使用本网站的过程中,您访问网站 的详细信息,包括流量数据、位置数据、IP地址、网络日志与其他通信数据也可 能被收集。
For example, during registration for our online tools or when using our contact function, we obtain information such as user name, email address, phone number, company and position within this company. In the course of using the Site, details of your visits to the Site, including traffic data, location data, IP addresses, weblogs Data relating to other communications may also be collected.

关于您使用的功能和分享的信息,您拥有自主选择的权利。当我们请求您提供特定 信息时,您有权拒绝。某些功能服务的实现可能要求您提供特定信息。如果您选择 不予提供,则无法使用该功能。
You have the right to make your own choices about the features you use and the information you share. When we ask you to provide certain information, you have the right to refuse. The implementation of certain feature services may require you to provide certain information. If you choose not to provide it, you will not be able to use the feature.

2. 数据保护
Data Protection

我们对收集的数据进行保密。我们采取合理的措施来实施技术和组织化的手段,始 终保持与技术发展同步,以防止发生任何非法或意外的损毁、意外丢失、未获准许 的披露或查阅或其他非法的处理行为。
We maintain the confidentiality of the data we collect. We take reasonable measures to implement technical and organizational means, always keeping pace with technological developments, to prevent any unlawful or accidental destruction, accidental loss, unauthorized disclosure or access or other unlawful processing.

但是,鉴于本网站的性质及运行时的网络环境,数据保护无法达到100%的安全 性。并且,我们声明,如果任何数据或通信被盗窃或丢失、未获准许地被查阅或受 损,或被截取,我们对此不承担任何责任。通过使用本网站及/或提供您的个人数 据,即表示您确认您理解并同意承担这些风险。
However, due to the nature of this website and the network environment in which it operates, data protection cannot be 100% secure. Furthermore, we declare that if any data or communication is stolen or lost, accessed or damaged without permission, or intercepted, no liability is accepted for this. By using this website and/or providing your personal data, you confirm that you understand and agree to assume these risks.

您应同样对向我们提供的数据的保护予以关注。如果在使用过程中,您发现您的自 定义密码被泄露或窃取,请立刻变更密码,或通知并联系我们以获取进一步的协 助。
You should be equally attentive to the protection of the data provided to us. If, in the course of your use, you discover that your custom password has been compromised or stolen, please change your password immediately or notify and contact us to Access to further assistance.

3. 数据处理
Data Processing

(1) 数据保存
Data Storage

为实现本政策中规定的目的,您的数据将被保存必要的时间。对保存期间进行评估 时,我们将仔细对数据收集的必要性进行核查;如有收集的必要,数据被保存的时 间为实现收集目的所需的最短的时间,除非法律规定应保存更长的时间。 请注意 在注销本网站用户后,我们可能仍保有您的数据,但仅限于依照前述数据保存条款 严格进行。
Your data will be kept for as long as necessary to achieve the purposes set out in this policy. When evaluating the retention period, we will carefully verify the necessity of data collection; if collection is necessary, the data is kept for the shortest period of time necessary to achieve the purpose for which it was collected, unless we are required by law to retain it for a longer period of time. Please note that we may retain your data after you have logged off as a user of the Site, but only in strict accordance with the data retention terms set out above.

(2) 数据处理的目的
Purpose of Data Processing

    The information provided will be used for, but not limited to, the following purposes:
  • 提供本网站并予以改进,包括数据安全、故障排除、提供支持;
    To provide and improve this website, including in the areas of data security, troubleshooting, provision of supports;
  • 对我们的产品和服务质量的不断提高及业务的持续发展和改进等方面;
    To make continuous upgrade of our products and services and sustainable development and improvement of our business, etc.;
  • 发出重要通知,例如买卖通讯、条款修改、本政策的更新等;
    To make important announcements, such as buy/sell newsletters, changes to terms, updates to this policy, etc.;
  • 向您进行宣传和推广,包括促销传播,定向推广,提供报价;
    To advertise and promote to you, including promotional communications, targeted promotions, and the provision of offers;
  • 处理您向我们发出的垂询;以及,
    Handling your enquiries to us; and
  • 经营活动,包括数据分析、审计、满足法律义务及合规、发展劳动力、调 研、营销活动、内部数据管理和协同,等等。
    Business activities, including data analysis, auditing, meeting legal obligations and compliance, workforce development, research, marketing activities, internal data management and collaboration, and more.

(3) 向第三方披露数据
Disclosure of data to third parties

为实现上述数据处理的目的,我们可能向我们位于中国或海外的关联公司披露您的 个人数据。另外,我们还可能与服务提供商、供应商以及其他第三方(无论位于中 国或海外)分享您的个人数据。该等披露与分享将用于我们或我们关联公司从事的 具有与上述第(2)项同样的目的的活动。我们要求前述关联公司、服务提供商、供 应商及第三方遵守严格的隐私指引,不在未获准许的情况下保存或使用该等个人数 据。
For fulfilling above purposes of data processing, we may disclose your personal data to our affiliates located in China or overseas. In addition, we may also communicate with service providers, suppliers and other third parties, whether located in or outside of China to share your personal data. The above disclosure or sharing will be used the activities conducted by us or our affiliates for the purpose same as the above sub-clause (2). We require these affiliates, service providers, suppliers and third parties to adhere to strict privacy guidelines and not to store, use or share your personal data without your permission.

根据法律、法律程序、诉讼、及/或公众和政府机构的要求,我们可能有必要披露 您的数据。为了国家安全、执法及其他公共利益的目的,我们也可能认定披露特定 数据是必须或合适的。此外,在重组、兼并、收购、出售的情况下,我们可能将我 们收集的任何或所有数据转移至相关第三方。
It may be necessary for us to disclose your data in response to law, legal process, litigation, and/or requests from the public and government agencies. We may also determine that disclosure of certain data is necessary or appropriate for the purposes of national security, law enforcement, and other public interest purposes. In addition, in the event of a reorganization, merger, acquisition, or sale, we may transfer any or all of the data we collect to the relevant Third Parties.

(4) 数据传输
Data Transmission

为实现本政策所规定的目的,我们可能将您所提供的信息传输至中华人民共和国境 内或境外的关联公司、战略伙伴或服务提供商,我们亦可能使用海外设施(主要位 于欧洲)处理或备份资料。因此,我们可能将您的个人数据转移到我们的海外设施 作存储。但是,这样做并不会改变我们对保护您的隐私权所作的承诺。在将数据传 输至海外设施的过程中,我们将严格遵守中国网络安全法、中国其他数据隐私相关 法规的要求及欧洲通用数据保护条例。
For fulfilling purposes mentioned herein, we may transmit the provided data to affiliated companies, strategic partners or service providers within PRC or abroad. We may also use overseas facilities to process or back up data, which mostly occurs in Europe. As a result, we may transfer your personal data to our overseas facilities for storage. However, this does not change our commitment to protecting your privacy. When transfering any data to overseas facilities, we will strictly comply with the requirements in the PRC Cyber Security Law, other Chinese data privacy related regulations and the GDPR in Europe.

(5) Cookie的使用
Use of Cookies

Cookie是指为帮助网站分析用户如何使用网站而放置在用户计算机上的文本文 件。根据您的浏览器设置,cookie形式的信息可能会自动发送至您的计算机。我 们并不能控制电子通信设施(包括互联网)上的数据转移。因此,我们不会就互联 网上发生的该等数据的安全漏洞或未获准许的披露或使用承担任何责任。您可以将 您的浏览器设置成拒绝接受cookie,但这样做可能会使您无法充分利用网站上的 服务。
Cookies are text files that are placed on a user's computer to help a website analyze how the user uses the site. Depending on your browser settings, information in the form of a cookie may be automatically sent to your computer. We do not control the transfer of data over electronic communication facilities (including the Internet). Accordingly, we will not be liable for any breach of security or unauthorized disclosure or use of such data that occurs on the Internet. You may set your browser to refuse cookies, but doing so may prevent you from taking full advantage of the website's Service.

4. 您对数据所享有的权利
Your rights to the data

您保留对我们所收集和保存的数据进行进行免费访问的权利。您有权要求删除或纠 正您的数据。若您希望要求删除或纠正您的个人数据,对隐私政策有任何的疑问或 建议,或请求删除、屏蔽或更正特定数据,您可以通过以下联络方式与我们取得联 系。我们将以合理的流程进行相应的删除或纠正,但我们有合法理由保留相应数据 时除外
You retain the right to access the data we collect and store without payment. You have the right to request the deletion or correction of your data. If you wish to request deletion, correction of your personal data, or have any doubt or advice about the Privacy Policy, please contact us in the same way as follows. We will take reasonable steps to process the deletion or correction, unless we need to retain the data for legal reasons.

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5. 其他

We may update this Data Privacy Policy from time to time. When we make changes to this policy, the updated policy will be posted on this Site and we may not send you the changes individually. Your continued use of the Site and/or provision of your personal data shall be deemed to constitute acceptance of the updated Policy. Please check this website periodically, or contact us for updates to the Privacy Policy by following the contact details in Section 4 of this policy.

If the terms of this Policy are inconsistent with the relevant laws and regulations, the terms of the relevant laws and regulations apply.

This Policy is prepared in English and Chinese. In case of any conflict or inconsistency of the two versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

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